1. General terms
    1. Our services/Your garantees
      Satisfaction guaranteed
      We exercise particular care in respect of the selection and manufacture of our products and the processing of your order.
      If however you are not completely satisfied with any of the items you have purchased, please contact our Customer Service by Email within 7 days of receiving the goods. This is essential for the speedy processing of your request for refund or replacement. (see details below)
      Deliveries are provided by the French Post Office's services. Our prices are always calculated by weight of the goods to be sent .
      ( for example ; 0 to 200 g / 200 to 400 gr.......etc) Unique price for EUROPEAN UNION.
      Secure on-line transactions
      We use the secure payment service from ATOS to ensure your transaction. All credit card numbers submitted to our website are encrypted using (Secure Socket Layers) SSL encryption. Its permits the encryption of data during transfer from your computer to our server and then from our server to the banking network. Your bank details are protected since only the payment authorisation codes issued by the banks are retained.
      Privacy policy
      In accordance with the French law of January, 6th 1978 on "Information technology and civil liberties", you have a right to access, change, correct and delete your personal data.Your personal information is only used to process your order and to improve the services offered.If you wish to receive our news about Art Office, your E-mail address will be added to the list of recipients for our newsletters. You can cancel your subscription and remove yourself from our mailing list whenever you require by clicking on " Abonnez-vous " put your e-mail address again and clicking on  "se désabonner", and "valider".
      We ask you to not reject our cookies,
      we use them for the functioning of the links of the site. Your rejection can stop the correct opening of the pages. No cookie will take you to any other site, except if you really want to by clicking on the acronym of one of our partners for example.
    2. Our general terms and conditions 
      1. Introduction
      The general terms and conditions set out hereafter constitute a contract establishing the general conditions governing the tele-sales operations of the E-commerce site of the Sarl SPAC "ART-OFFICE".By ordering from our site the Customer is implying total and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.
      2. Identity of the service provider
      S.a.r.l. S.P.A.C Société de Promotion des Artistes et Créateurs. Enseigne : ART-OFFICE
      88, rue de Turenne 59420 MOUVAUX  FRANCE
      Email : artoffice@art-office.fr
      Société au capital de 9000 Euros, inscrite au registre des sociétés de Roubaix/Tourcoing sous le N° 440 054 914. Code APE-NAF : 526 B.
      TVA intra communautaire FR8944005491400013
      3. Information concerning goods.
      Our site gives the essential characteristics of the goods offered for sale:
      - designation, composition, dimensions etc,
      - methods of delivery,
      - price in Euros
      - details of the validity of the offer.
      The characteristics of our goods may be modified or improved at any time. And the photographs of our goods are for illustration purposes only and cannot be considered as forming part of the contract.
      4. Contractual documents
      The nature of the contract shall be established by the following documents :
      -   these general terms and conditions
      - the duly completed order form with the acceptance of the offer and featuring the information required for the identification of the customer (surname, first name, postal addresses for delivery and invoicing, email address), and the customer's bank details.
      5. Acceptance of order
      The order form, once validated by the Customer shall constitute an unconditional acceptance of these general terms and conditions which can only be revoked in the circumstances outlined in the paragraphs "Right to return goods" and "Fulfilment of orders".In accordance with paragraph 1341 of the French civil code, the sum total of the order shall not exceed 762 Euros incl. tax per transaction and per day.The automatic recording procedures used on the site shall be considered as providing valid proof of the contract and of the date on which it was drawn up.
      6. Confirmation by E-mail
      The following contractual details shall be the subject of a confirmatory e-mail to be sent no later than the time of delivery of the goods ordered:
      - with the customer's unique order number;
      - the total value of the order with indication of VAT value.
      - the method of payment chosen by the customer.
      7. Right to return goods
      The Customer shall have a period of seven working days from receipt of goods in which to return, with the agreement of Customers Service by email , any items which are not to his or her satisfaction.In exercising his or her right to return goods, the Customer shall have the right to request either reimbursement of the cost of the goods initially purchased (but without costs incurred in his or her returning the goods) or the replacement of the goods.The right to return goods shall not be applicable in the case of audio or video recordings or computer software on which the seal is broken, or newspapers, periodicals or magazines.In any case, all goods delivered in a plastic film or cellophane wrapped must not be opened. (the film allowibng to see the product without altering it.)
      8. Fulfilment of orders
      The order shall be fulfilled within no more than 30 days from its confirmation by the Customer.
      In the event that the ordered item is  not available, the customer shall be informed as soon as possible and offered the opportunity of cancelling his or her order. He or she will have the option of demanding repayment within no more than 60 days, or choosing an alternative item.
      9. Deliveries
      Delivery can only be made once the order has been validated by the Customer and payment made, except in the case of a special provision to the contrary on the order form. The banking institutions involved having indicated in advance their agreement to accept payment. In the event of payment being refused, the order shall be immediately cancelled. The Sarl "ART-OFFICE" reserves the right not to accept any orders from a customer with whom it is involved in litigation.Goods shall be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer on the order form, and the Customer shall agree to accept the goods ordered. In the event of the premises being unoccupied at the time of delivery, a notice of inability to deliver shall indicate from where the goods may be collected, or invite the recipient to suggest another time when delivery is possible. At the time of delivery, the customer shall check the condition of the packaging and of the goods and inform the carrier of any damage on the delivery note and within three days, and also notify the Sarl "ART OFFICE" by e-mail.In the event of the goods delivered being faulty or other than those ordered, the Customer shall inform Art Office Customers Service, who will undertake to remedy the situation as soon as possible.
      10. Prices
      Prices are given in Euros VAT incl.,or in US dollars if required. (please click on « devises »).Prices shall be those in force on the day the order is placed, and shall take account of the VAT in force on that day. Any change in the rate of VAT shall be automatically applied to prices.
      For deliveries outside the European Union, customs duties and formalities shall, in the absence of indication to the contrary on the order form, be the responsibility of the Customer, who shall agree to assure himself or herself of the possibility of importing the goods into the country of delivery.
      11. Methods of payment
         a) by banker's card
      The validation of the order by means of the banker's card number and expiry date shall be deemed to constitute agreement to pay  the total cost of the order .Card details shall be kept  no longer than the time taken to process the order.The cards accepted are those mentioned on the site.
          b) by cheque
      Payment may be made by cheque, expressed only in Euros and drawn on a French bank. Acceptance and processing of an order shal take place only after receipt of a cheque accompanied by the order form.
      12. Personal details
      The information the Customer is asked to supply is needed for the processing of his or her order and may be given to "ART OFFICE"'s partners involved in the processing of the order.In accordance with the French law of the 6th of  January 1978 on "Information technology and civil liberties", the Customer has the right not to allow such transfer of information and has a right to access, change, correct and delete personal data concerning him or her. To exercise that right, please contact  ART OFFICE by e-mail " message "on the site.
      13. Encryption
      Art Office guarantees that the encryption methods and services used for secure payments are authorised and in accordance with current legislation.
      14. Electronic signatures
      The validation of the order form and the procedures for authenticating messages and protecting their integrity shall be considered to be an electronic signature having the same legal validity as a hand-written signature.The data banks kept by Art Office in conditions of appropriate security, shall be considered as evidence of communications, orders and payments made by the two parties to the contract.Order forms and invoices shall be stored in a reliable and secure electronic storage and retrieval system which is capable of providing faithful and permanent copies in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1348 of the French civil code.
      15. Integral nature of contracts
      In the event of one of the general terms and conditions is declared inapplicable for any reason, this shall not be deemed to affect the application of the other provisions of the general terms and conditions, and the provision which is declared inapplicable shall be replaced by another one which is as close as possible to the one deemed inapplicable.
      16. Responsibility
      Neither Art Office nor the Customer shall be deemed responsible for any failure to fulfil the terms of the contract caused by application of force majeure beyond their control including - but not to the exclusion of other factors - war, civil commotion, insurrection, disruption of communications, problems associated with import or export of goods, strikes, lock-outs, shortages, fire, earthquake, storms or floods.Moreover, Art Office shall not be held responsible for the consequences of the use or misuse of goods ordered and delivered, the Customer being solely responsible for their use by himself, herself or a third party.
      17.Legislation applicable-resolution of disputes
      This contract shall be subject to the provisions of French law.The resolution of disputes shall be deemed to be within the competence of the judicial authorities in  Roubaix-Tourcoing (France). (Général Terms ART-OFFICE  2002)

    3. please read distingtive feature  "Originaux"

      The cost of sending these originals needs to be calculated separately each time. If you wish to buy one or more of these originals, we kindly ask you to send us a " message":    originaux@art-office.fr  with the indication of your name, first name and complete address, your   e-mail address and if you are not the person to whom the goods have to be sent : the consignee.  And also the reference(s) of the chosen originals. An e-mail will be sent to you giving the exact sending costs, and a reminder of the cost of the chosen original(s), and with the total amount to be paid.  Several payment possibilities are offered.  If you agree :1/ you can pay by cheque or cash with order, if you live in france.2/ by bank transfer or cash with order, if you live outside of France.No sending will be made without the total payment of the invoice. Regarding the other obligations of the s.a.r.l. "Art-Office" or yourself, please refer to the "general conditions".